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Your kitchen is the heart of your home and has become the main entertaining space in most households around the world.  No matter what style of kitchen you have – galley, U-shaped, L-shaped, open, etc. – your kitchen should be beautiful, functional, have plenty of storage, set good traffic flow, and be comfortable to spend time in with friends and family.  We’re familiar with the challenges involved when designing a kitchen and know how to maximize your space so you get the most out of your kitchen remodeling project.


Kitchen Remodel Selections

One of the biggest challenges when designing a kitchen is the abundant amount of choices you have to make!  Cabinetry itself demands so much attention – wood species, color of stain or paint, door profile, inset or overlay format, glazing, box construction, drawer glides and hinges, knobs or pulls, etc.  Have no fear, because our design process is a team effort.  We’ll walk you through all of the selections and the process.



There are a handful of trends we’re seeing with kitchen remodeling industry these days.  Most homeowners want to open up their kitchen to the rest of the living area creating a large “open-concept” space for entertaining.  Removing the kitchen peninsula and incorporating an island workspace with seating has been the key to achieving this goal.



Homeowners are also asking for more storage space.  Getting rid of kitchen soffits and incorporating ceiling height wall cabinets into the design plan provides more storage space and updates the look of the kitchen.  Do you have trouble finding the proper place for your dishes, pots, pans, and gadgets?  A great way to make the kitchen more functional and organized is by adding cabinet accessories like roll-out trays for base cabinets, drawer organizers for utensils and dishes, or an appliance garage for mixers, blenders, and slow cookers.


Whether you want to completely start over with your kitchen or just need a facelift with new countertops, a tiled backsplash, updated fixtures, and a fresh coat of paint, we’ll take you through our low-stress remodeling process and collaborate with you to design a kitchen to adorn your home and meet your unique needs.

Peter Dodson in Clovis, CA on Houzz
Peter Dodson in Clovis, CA on Houzz
Peter Dodson in Clovis, CA on Houzz

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