Open Floor Plans

The big trend in home remodeling nowadays is an “open concept” floor plan where walls separating some rooms are eliminated. The result is one large entertaining space and unobstructed sight lines. This idea is most commonly seen with the grouping of kitchen, dining room, and living room- removing their walls combines them all into what is known as a “great room”. Some homeowners are so bold as to open the walls between their master bedroom and bathroom! But how do you know if an open concept floor plan is really for you?


Here are some items to consider:


Do you enjoy entertaining for your friends and family?

As mentioned above, remodeling your kitchen, dining room, and living room into a great room creates an open space where you can continue to hold a conversation no matter where you are in the room. If you enjoy having people over to watch sports games or movies, knocking down the living room walls opens up more space for seating so more people can sit comfortably instead of crowding together like sardines on the floor. Eliminating the walls around a smaller dining room affords homeowners more space to have the extended family over for holiday meals.

Do you have young kids who you constantly have to keep an eye on?

An open concept keeps them in view even while you’re cooking meals or doing bills at the dining table. That means less “boo-boos” and broken things as a result of the kids rough housing (We’re speaking from experience!). However, you might prefer to have walls in between you and the living room when the noise of the TV would be distracting as you focus on a difficult task or are enjoying a peaceful conversation. Again, an open-concept floor plan is not for everyone so we encourage you to consider your situation before making the big change.

Do you enjoy natural light flooding in but don’t dare to have skylights installed all over the home?

Removing a wall might allow those interior spaces to enjoy the natural sunlight as well.
If your kitchen is feeling a little cramped, taking out a kitchen wall might give you more options for cabinet configurations and layouts, or just open up the space for the sake of comfort. A lot of times, room for a peninsula or island with seating can be opened up by removing a kitchen wall. If you have a smaller home in general, opening up the walls on the main floor will make the space feel much larger and give you more design options.

Peter Dodson in Clovis, CA on Houzz
Peter Dodson in Clovis, CA on Houzz
Peter Dodson in Clovis, CA on Houzz

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